A psychiatrist prescribing medicine to his patient.

Can A Psychiatrist Prescribe Medicines?

A psychiatrist is a medical practitioner specializing in mental health and diagnoses, treats, and prevents psychological disorders. They are the best psychiatrist in Lahore, providing evidence-based treatments, such as psychotherapy and medications. Psychiatrists play an essential role in helping individuals with mental illness to manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. When considering […]
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Adolescent Suicide-The Life-Saving Role of Psychiatrists in Lahore

The Life-Saving Role of Psychiatrists in Lahore

Suicide is a growing concern among adolescents today, and the numbers are only increasing. In Lahore, where the pressure to excel academically and socially can be overwhelming, we must take action to prevent this tragedy from occurring. Psychiatrists in Lahore play a crucial role in identifying warning signs and providing life-saving interventions for those at […]
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