Dr Syed Zahid Qutab is the best psychiatrist in Gujranwala. He has been practicing in Gujranwala for over of years and is renowned for his expertise in mental health. He specializes in treating all psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, OCD, etc. He also provides counseling services to people struggling with personal issues or family problems.

Who is Dr Syed Zahid Qutab?

Dr Syed Zahid Qutab is Assistant Professor in psychiatry department of Lahore General Hospital Lahore, Pakistan. He has been practicing twice in a week (Tuesday and Wednesday) in Gujranwala for more than 10 years. He is a best psychiatrist in Gujranwala and renowned expert on mental health issues. He has received numerous awards and certificates for his work in the field of psychiatry. He is widely respected among his peers and patients for his vast knowledge and expertise in treating psychiatric disorders.

What makes Dr Syed Zahid Qutab the best psychiatrist in Gujranwala?

Dr Syed Zahid Qutab is an experienced and best psychiatrist in Gujranwala, who has dedicated his life to helping people suffering from mental health issues. He listens carefully to his patients and takes their concerns seriously. He is also passionate about providing top-notch care to his patients and takes the time to explain treatment options in a way that his patients can understand. Furthermore, Dr Zahid Qutab is highly knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest research and treatments available for psychiatric disorders which makes him one of the best psychiatrists in Gujranwala.

Best Psychiatrist in Gujranwala

Dr Syed Zahid Qutab also understands the importance of preventive care and is committed to helping individuals achieve and maintain mental wellness. He offers a range of services to promote positive mental health, such as lifestyle counseling, stress management techniques, and relaxation exercises. These can help improve an individual’s overall wellbeing by helping them cope with life’s challenges in healthier ways.

In addition to providing mental health services, Dr Syed Zahid Qutab also offers educational talks and seminars to the general public on topics related to mental health. He is passionate about helping people learn more about mental health and its importance in overall wellbeing.

What Psychiatric Services Does He Offer?

Dr Syed Zahid Qutab is a renowned and best psychiatrist in Gujranwala who offers a wide variety of mental health services to his clients. His practice focuses on providing comprehensive mental health care to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, with a goal of improving their overall quality of life.

Here are some of the services offered by Dr Syed Zahid Qutab in his practice as a psychiatrist:

1. Comprehensive mental health services:

Dr Syed Zahid Qutab offers a range of mental health services, including diagnosis, treatment, and management of mental illness and disorders. He has experience in treating a wide range of conditions, from mild to severe, such as anxiety and mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders.

2. Personalized treatment plans:

Each individual’s mental health concerns are unique, and therefore require a tailored treatment plan to achieve the best outcomes. Dr Syed Zahid Qutab takes a personalized approach in developing effective treatment plans that cater to each individual’s specific needs and goals.

3. Online video consultations:

In today’s world, online consultations have become increasingly popular in the healthcare industry. Dr Syed Zahid Qutab offers online video consultations to his clients, making it more convenient for those who may have difficulty travelling or may prefer the privacy of their own homes.

4. Psychological tests:

Psychological testing is a valuable tool that helps to diagnose and treat mental health conditions. Dr Syed Zahid Qutab uses various types of psychological tests to assess an individual’s cognitive and emotional functioning, and to help develop an effective treatment plan.

Overall, Dr Syed Zahid Qutab practice stands out due to his personalized, comprehensive approach to mental health care. He uses evidence-based treatments, coupled with cutting-edge technology, to help his clients achieve optimal mental health and wellness. So, if you are in need of mental health services, you can book an appointment with Dr Syed Zahid Qutab and experience his exceptional care.

When should you see a Psychiatrist?

Seeing a psychiatrist can be beneficial for anyone who is struggling with mental health issues. It is especially important for people who are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, or other disorders that affect their ability to function in everyday life. A psychiatrist can provide an accurate diagnosis and create an individualized treatment plan based on the patient’s needs and goals.

It is also important to seek help from a psychiatrist if you are experiencing persistent or severe mental health symptoms, have thoughts of self-harm or suicide, or are having difficulty managing day-to-day tasks. A psychiatrist can provide guidance and support to help manage these issues and create a plan that will help improve your overall wellbeing.

What are a Psychiatrist’s main areas of concern?

A psychiatrist’s primary areas of concern include diagnosing and treating mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and personality disorders. They also provide psychotherapy services to help individuals manage their emotions and behavior in order to improve the quality of their life. Additionally, psychiatrists may use therapeutic techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or medication management in order to help their patients.

What are the most common mental health issues in Pakistan?

The most common mental health issues in Pakistan include depression, anxiety, stress, and substance abuse. These conditions often go unrecognized and untreated due to lack of awareness, stigma attached to seeking help for mental health issues, and limited access to professional medical care. Other mental health concerns that are prevalent in Pakistan are post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. It is important for individuals in Pakistan to seek professional help if they are experiencing any mental health symptoms or concerns.

How to book an appointment with the Dr Syed Zahid Qutab?

For the appointment by the best psychiatrist in Gujranwala. Dr Syed Zahid Qutab is available for consultations at his clinics in Gujranwala. Appointments can be booked directly through his website or by calling the practice’s reception team.

Practicing details are mentioned below.

Gondal Medical Complex, Hospital Road, Civil Lines, Gujranwala.

Every Tuesday 02:00pm – 09:30pm

Central Hospital, Gujranwala.

Every Saturday 02:00pm – 9:30pm

Individuals may also request an online video consultation if they prefer to speak with Dr Syed Zahid Qutab from the comfort of their own home. During a consultation, Dr Syed Zahid Qutab will assess the individual’s mental health concerns and create a tailored treatment plan that best suits their needs.


Dr Syed Zahid Qutab is one of the most respected best psychiatrist in Gujranwala. He offers comprehensive mental health services that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient. From online consultations and medication management to psychotherapy and evidence-based treatments, Dr Syed Zahid Qutab strives to provide the highest quality of care.