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Factors That Affect The Development And Progression Of Addiction

Factors That Affect The Development And Progression Of Addiction Addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes compulsive, uncontrolled drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences. The signs of addiction can be physical, mental, social, or behavioral. Physical signs of addiction can be the inability to stop using the drug even after it has caused […]
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Functional rehabilitation for the upper and lower extremity

Functional rehabilitation for the upper and lower extremity Functional rehabilitation is a type of therapy that focuses on restoring the function of a person’s body. Functional rehabilitation is necessary because it includes exercises that can help people recover from injury or illness faster. It also helps them stay active and maintain their independence for extended […]
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Six Warning Signs of Mental Illness

6 Warning Signs of Mental Illness You Need to Know, So You Can Take Action! Mental illness is a major global health problem. It affects more than 450 million people worldwide and is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Some warning signs of mental illness are not being able to control emotions, feelings of losing […]
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Top Characteristics Of Successful Psychologists

The history of psychology is characterized by the many different theories and practices developed over the centuries. The field has been shaped by many people and institutions, including philosophers, scientists, religious thinkers, medical practitioners, educators, social reformers, artists, and political activists. Understanding how psychology has changed throughout history can help us understand how it will […]
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Reasons to visit a Drug Rehab center in Lahore

Drug rehabilitation centers in Lahore are great places to get addiction help. They provide the necessary treatment and support for patients who want to overcome their drug addiction. Addiction is a chronic disease that various treatment methods can treat. It is not just about quitting drugs cold turkey but also about dealing with underlying issues […]
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Finding the most renowned psychologist in Lahore, Pakistan

Psychologists are highly trained professionals with expertise in human behavior, mental health assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Professional practicing psychologists have been in the field for many years and have learned many skills that can be applied to different areas. Psychologists are very helpful when it comes to an understanding human behavior in relation to work […]
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10 Ways Addiction Can Be Stopped

Addiction is a neuropsychological disorder characterized by the persistent and intense urge to use a drug despite substantial harm and other negative consequences.Many types of addiction include substance abuse (alcohol, cocaine, heroin), gambling, internet addiction, sex addiction, etc. Addiction treatment center  is a chronic disease that affects the victim’s brain’s reward system. It causes changes […]
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Choosing The Best Rehab Center In Lahore In 2022

Psychotherapy is a mental health treatment that helps people to cope with emotional distress, improve interpersonal relationships, and enhance personal growth. Society needs to have a healthy balance between therapy and medication. Psychotherapy is not just about healing from physical pain but also emotional pain and distress. The therapist’s role in the treatment process includes […]
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