A drug is a chemical that interferes with the normal functioning of the body and brain. Drug addiction can also alter one’s mood and state of consciousness. A drug is taken orally, injected, or inhaled. The drugs enter the blood and then move to the brain. The effects of a drug depend on how long it stays in the body and in what concentration it is present at any given time. Some medications are administered intravenously, while others remain in the body for only a few minutes after taking the pill form. Some drugs remain in the body for days or weeks, while some stay in the body for only minutes despite being administered intravenously.

Drug Addiction

Reasons Behind Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a significant issue in Pakistan. The number of people who are addicted to drugs has been on the rise for decades. Many factors influence drug abuse, but there are certain factors that can be changed and prevented.

The leading causes of drug abuse include peer pressure, physical and sexual abuse, early exposure to drugs, stress, and parental guidance can significantly affect a person’s likelihood of becoming an addict. Early drug exposure is the leading cause of drug abuse in the younger generation. Children exposed to drugs from an early age often don’t know how dangerous it is for them. They start taking more drugs as they get older and experimenting with other substances like alcohol or cigarettes. 

Some people also get addicted because of the stress in their life or because they have been abused physically or sexually by someone close to them. There is a dire need for good addiction treatment centers in our world. Drug abuse is a global problem that affects people of all ages. 

The leading causes of drug abuse are the availability of substances, peer pressure, and the need for self-medication. The availability of drugs can make it challenging to resist drug use because they are always around us. Peer pressure can be strong enough to make people feel like they need to use drugs to fit in with society, and self-medication can be used as a way to cope with mental or physical pain without worrying about consequences.

There are two types of abuse known as AUD and SAD. These two types of disorders affect people emotionally and physically.

AUD: Alcohol abuse disorder is a type of mental illness that causes people to drink too much alcohol or drink too often. It affects millions in the United States, with 90% of those cases being men.

SAD: Substance abuse disorder is a type of mental illness that causes people to use drugs or other substances too often, even when it hurts their health or life. The prevalence rate for this disorder has been increasing over time due to the increase in drug use throughout society.

De-stigmatization of alcoholics and Addicts

alcoholics and Addicts

Before the 1930s, people viewed addicts and alcoholics as people with a problem that was ethical and immoral. Treatment that resembled punishment, including shock therapy, electroconvulsive therapy, and even lobotomies, was prevalent in the early 20th century. These treatments were ineffective and dangerous and often led to a complete breakdown of the person.

There is a shift in the perspective of society toward these people. Although addiction is still seen as an illness, it is not treated as such anymore. The stigma has been reduced significantly over the years, and society now views addiction as a condition that can be controlled and managed with proper medication, therapy, and support.

In 1924, a psychiatrist named Harry Stack Sullivan wrote an article that disproved the idea of using punishment as a therapeutic tool for addiction. He explained that “punishment” does not work because it is ineffective in changing behavior or curing addiction.

In 1932, Alcoholics Anonymous was founded by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith. They used a different approach to treat alcoholism – one that focused on understanding the disease rather than punishing it.

How To Find Good Drug Treatment Centers In Lahore

Finding a good drug treatment center can be difficult, but some guidelines can help you find what you need. It is essential to consider how much experience a facility has and how many patients they have treated. You should also look at how many programs they offer and if they offer mental health services and addiction. It’s important to understand that addiction is a disease, not just a bad habit or decision. Finding the right drug treatment center starts by knowing what you want out of the process.


Get Evaluated

There are several different ways to get an evaluation from a doctor. Sometimes the best option is to go to the ER and have an assessment in person. However, that’s not always possible, especially if you’re experiencing an overdose or other medical emergency. Doctors may suggest inpatient treatment to a patient. Inpatient treatment is an approach to addiction treatment that aims at providing intensive care for patients who have been addicted for a long time. This approach seeks to give the patient a chance at long-term recovery through intense therapy, medical support, and behavioral interventions.

If you can’t get evaluated by a doctor in person, it’s essential to know the available options. You can go to several places for help with your substance use disorder, including Dr. Syed Qutub Zahid’s treatment center In Lahore.

Research The Facility Check Treatment Plan

It is essential to research the facilities you are considering before committing to them. It is also crucial to be aware of their resources, such as counselors and therapists. To find out if a rehab center has resources for its clients, start by visiting their website and checking out what they offer. If they have counselors on hand to deal with specific needs, then it’s worth your time to contact them.

Check Treatment Plan

The abstinence model has been controversial, but some treatment centers still use it. Some treatment centers follow this model because they believe people should not receive drug-related assistance during recovery. Some treatment centers follow the abstinence model to treat opioid addiction. In contrast, some treatment centers offer medication as an option to help with withdrawal symptoms, making it easier for patients to complete their recovery program.
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We provide the best solutions to help you find the right treatment center to fix your addiction and get back on track with your life. We understand that it is difficult to find the right treatment center, and we have a team of specialists who do everything in their power to help you find it quickly and easily. We aim to make it easy for you to live a healthy, sober, happy life!